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'm barack obama, there's no poll now moving in his direction, juan, and states that he won by huge margins, he's either tied or just slightly ahead. that's a problem for him. >> well, look. i don't think anyone debates the idea it's going to be a very close race, but the numbers you put out. >> sean: which ones? >> they're all sided. >> ask juan about the npr poll. >> go ahead, dana. >> let's talk about the npr poll. an 8-point swing? >> there's a margin of error, dana. hold on. dana was around in '08, i'm sorry, back in '04 when the poll said that kerry was going to win in a landslide. didn't happen, did it? >> thank goodness. >> that's right, dana. just think for a second. romney has never been ahead. >> sean: he's ahead now. >> in the real clear politics. >> sean: juan, juan, juan. >> colorado, wisconsin. i can keep going. never, ever. >> sean: listen, you can be as delusional if you want. i absolutely like when you live in denial, but here's the reality, dana. romney has florida sewn up, in my opinion. >> oh, my god, come on. >> sean: in virginia the latest poll shows romney ahead. ras
? a fair and balanced discussion coming up. and a new poll shows european prefer obama to romney, something that is not the tiniest shocking. greg? >> nice, andy. >> i don't know what that means. >> what, thanks, andy? >> yes. >> you know what, maybe you don't deserve the thanks. >> maybe i just never heard it before from you, greg. >> let's welcome our guest, you jerk. well, she is so british she sneezes earl graty. it is quite messy. i am here with author and political commentator imogeth lloyd webber. that's three names. her latest is called "the twitter diaries" and if hilarity was a seafood restaurant he would have crabs. you get a new job every week. it is michael money -- moynihan. >> i keep getting fired. >> sitting next to me is the brother of gavin mcguiness, miles mcguiness. she a crusader for honesty and justice in a country that knows neither. he is a film maker and poet currently between jobs. >> a block. >> the lede. that's the first story. >> did obama fibia? in the last head to head, one issue was left unsaid. yep, in monday's debate in foreign policy, allegedly mitt romney
to the polling station and pulled back the curtain. i voted for barack obama. >> supposed to keep reading. somehow i lost the will to live. i guess this is what is called clinical depression. i don'ti didn't know it came on that quickly. speaking of first times, i remember mine. >> love them and leave them. that's how i was when i was out there i was whatever that was. is that a possum? >> i believe that was a mier cat. >> a prairie dog. >> tom, you e-mailed me when you saw this ad and you said i love this ad. you had it in all caps. >> i did love it. i couldn't believe it. i thought it was a joke when i first saw it. i watched it again, and i saw the obama thing at the end and i said this can't be his campaign that is putting this out there. i researched it, and i was surprised. but i think this is -- it does give you a sick feeling in your stomach to watch. i would think no matter what political persuasion, you would be turned off by this. it is gross. then i thought, this is the perfect ad. it was the most honest obama ad. it perfectly describes the young people's relationship to obama
before the election the race is really close. most polls show them splitting the national vote the battleground states favor obama slightly. here is obama and hire is romney. don't forget our old pal gary. and estimated 263 electoral votes 210 for romney. you know what this reminds me and this is like new hampshire. the fact that the election if romney can win states like ohio and colorado it could really draw them closer. think we'll see this race get closer and closer and closer and closer, so close you can -- whoa >> we're cutting that. to about 30 seconds. bill, you cut your teeth on the dukakis campaign. >> first of all i have to correct on that. i cut the teeth by saying the word dukakis and it was painful. you go with dick morris who wrote the column saying it's likes being on tv and you go to nate silver, who is usually right. and he is usually right. >> let me say something of nate silver. idea that he wants to make friends, he can actually swing any votes towards obama is ludicrous. in the business that you are in, it's not a good thing. why would he cook the books if
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)